In August of 2002, The Blood & Tissue Center Foundation received their Certificate of Incorporation from the State of Texas and that November the Foundation received their nonprofit status from the IRS. The mission of the Foundation is to serve as an advocate to increase community awareness and to develop financial and other resources in support exclusively of BioBridge Global and its subsidiaries. Through contributions and fundraising events, The Blood & Tissue Center Foundation has raised over $9,000,000.
Past Foundation Chairmen: 

2017-2018      Mary & Steve Brook

2016                Emily & Rich Reynolds

2015                Laurie & Michael Kaplan

                        Allison & Danny Kustoff

2014                Rose Marie & Buddy Banack

2012-2013       Karen Heintz

2011                  Lori & Mark Wright

2009-2010      Nancy & Vernon Torgerson, Jr.

2008-2009      Dennis Stahl

2007-2008       Kelley & Pat Frost

2006-2007      Louise & Mike Beldon

2005-2006      Alethea Bugg

2002-2005       Emilie & Mike Kreager

                          Karen & Dr. Rus Norman