The Blood & Tissue Center Foundation 2019 Board of Directors

Chairmen: Cindy and David Schneider

Chairmen Elect: Ginny and Art Bennert

Immediate Past Chairs: Mary and Steve Brook

Treasurer: Jeanne Bennett

Secretary: Evita Morin

Vice Chair Fundraising: Meredith and David Alvarez 

Vice Chair Membership: Laurie Kaplan* 

Vice Chair of Outreach: Allison De Paoli

Members at Large:

Jane Coelho

Lilly Gretzinger

Yona and Dr. Tom McNish

Patrick Rouse

Executive Director: Mary Uhlig

Board of Directors:

Dr. Alaina and Brad Adams

Rose Marie and Buddy Banack*

Louise and Michael Beldon*

Morgan Bertram 

Kristen Schneider Boerger

Holli and Greg Brunsman

Alethea Bugg *

Pam Burdick

Cathy and Frank Burzik 

Kyra and Carl Bush

Beverly Carter

Dr. Charles B. Christian, Jr.

Helen Coronado

Diane Craig

Kelli and Mark Cubeta

Valerie and Ron Finch

Kim and Dr. Michael Fischer

Dr. Kelley and Pat Frost*

Denise Gross

Melodee and J Gruber

Jackie and Bill Goetz

Alan Gretzinger

Beverly Purcell and Dr. Fernando A. Guerra

Rhonda Gurinsky

Karen Heintz *

Lorelei and Mark Helmke

Rebecca Hermanson

Christy and Dr. John Hinchey

Theresa Hines

Jenny and Will Holshouser

Stacy and Joel Hoyt

Michael Kaplan*

Dr. Margaret A. Kelley

Faisal Khan

Mike Kreager*

Allison and Danny Kustoff*

Mike Kreager *

Leanne and Ryan Lammert

Denise Landon

Phil McKinney

Ann and Dr. Travis McAlister

Emily and Brad McMurray

Jude Morin

Sydney and Gregg Muenster

Erin Nichols    

Margie and Sam O’Krent

Elaine Palance

Loretta Patterson

Marti Raba

Emily and Rich Reynolds *

Claire Rouse

Dawn and Jeff Schwarz

Joanie and Sol Schwartz

Erin and Bryce Seki

Elizabeth and Scott Stephens

Stephanie Stephens

Rose Urbanczyk

Dr. Jay Weinberg

Shannon and Dr. Matt Windrow

Judge Genie Wright

Lori and Mark Wright

Dr. Annette Zaharoff

Dick Zucker