Birdies for Charity

Monday, December 3, 2018 to Friday, April 12, 2019
Valero Texas Open

For almost a decade, your Blood & Tissue Center Foundation has received community support through the Valero Texas Open Birdies for Charity®  fundraising program.  

Birdies is a wonderful opportunity to maximize your donation.  100% of your gift goes to the Foundation and each donation will be matched 7% by the Valero Texas Open.  

What is Birdies for Charity?

Birdies for Charity® is a fundraising program designed in 1997, to give participating charities and schools the opportunity to generate contributions through the Valero Texas Open. Birdies for Charity is a no-cost program that gives 100% of the funds raised back to the participating organization. Funds are generated by soliciting pledges from individuals and corporations. Birdies for Charity is like a walk-a-thon, but instead of donating per mile, participants make a pledge for every birdie made at the Valero Texas Open. The 2017 Valero Texas Open had 1,975 birdies made, so a pledge of $0.01 yielded a donation of $19.75. Donors also have the ability to make a one-time donation and flexibility to pay in advance or to be billed after the tournament. Donations are accepted from anywhere around the world and are tax deductible.

What is a birdie?

In golf, “par” is the normal expected score on any given hole. Every one of the 18 holes on a golf course has its own “par” assigned to it. A “birdie” is one stroke under par for a hole, possibly derived from the term “It flew like a bird” to indicate a good shot. Ex. Par 5 on Hole 18 at TPC San Antonio, AT&T Oaks Course, a Birdie would be 4, an Eagle would be 3, and a Double Eagle would be 2 strokes (hits) to get the ball in from the tee box, onto the green and into the hole. At the 2017 Valero Texas Open, 1,975 birdies were made raising a record-breaking $2.825M for over 135 participating charities and schools.

How do I donate?

  • Click the above button.
  • Fill out the form and click 'Submit'
  • On page 2:
    • Select The Blood & Tissue Center Foundation as your charity
    • Indicate donation amount
    • Guess the number of birdies
  • Enter payment information 

If you have any questions, please contact The Blood & Tissue Center Foundation, Clay Howell at (210) 731-5543 or via email.